Sequestration Meal #132

This stuff doesn't go together. But it was good, and I kind of ate it in courses. I was trying to have a sort of balanced meal nutritionally and I think I succeeded at that, anyway! (But I'm not that kind of doctor, as you'll recall.)

Our main event is these fishless filets made of oyster mushrooms from Chef Jana with my own homemade tartar sauce. So good. If I had a ready supply of oyster mushrooms I would make this all the time! These mushrooms came from a neighbor's trip to a farmer's market. It fulfilled my fishy cravings. I have no idea when I'll ever see a Gardein fishless filet again, but in the meantime, these work pretty well.

On the side, in order to balance the proteins out, I had the recipe for Wild Rice with Walnut Oil and Green Onions from the All New Complete Cooking Light Cookbook (2006), to take advantage of how high in protein wild rice is. This time, I followed my instincts and did what I thought best rather than following the recipe exactly, because it was suggesting I cook onions in walnut oil, and walnut oil isn't great for cooking things in. So I used olive oil for the cooking and drizzled some walnut oil in after the rice was ready.

You can't see them, because they're the same color as the rice, but this has currants in it, too--my first time to try currants. I didn't like them dry straight out of the package but when they were cooked with the rice they made it delightfully sweet. I'm looking forward to figuring out how else to use my currants. You'll also be seeing this wild rice soon paired with something it actually goes with, because I have a lot left over!


  1. I really enjoy currants in cooking and baking. They are sort of tart and sweet, whereas I generally find raisins far too sweet. Sultanas are sort of middling.

    1. Raisins are a weird texture to me. They're just exactly the wrong size--not big enough to be more than one bite and also too small to be a mouthful in and of themselves, yet somehow still too big when you run into them in a cookie.

  2. Wild rice is so good, and yours sounds great with the currants!


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