Sequestration Meal #145

One evening, with no interest in really cooking, I made mini bagel pizzas with a salad, and it was pretty awesome, so I had it two nights in a row.

Mini bagels
Pasta sauce for pizza sauce
Daiya mozzarella shreds
Violife Parmesan
Bell peppers

Romaine lettuce
Grape tomatoes
Green bell peppers
Bac'n Bits
Just Thousand dressing

I found the Just Thousand in the fridge from who knows when and figured I'd use it up. I liked the dressing I made myself the next day, but the Just Thousand was good, too.

The pizzas were like tiny revelations. I suspect you can make pizza out of any kind of bread product, really, though obviously mini bagels are not exactly innovative.


  1. I love making mini pizzas out of English muffins! They are so quick and tasty and fun.

    1. Yes, those are good, too! I know I've eaten them but I suspect I've never put them on the blog.

  2. Pizza bagels are the best; I've never made them with mini bagels, though, so I'll have to try that sometime!

    1. I really don't buy the big bagels--they're always too big for me, but a half of one isn't quite enough. The mini ones solve that problem for me. They say a serving size of the mini ones is three but I can never make it through more than two.


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