Sequestration Meal #136

This is the Soba with Sesame and Tofu from the All New Complete Cooking Light Cookbook (2006). It was easy and I liked it, but I would make a few changes; instead of just cubing the tofu and putting it on top of things, making more dressing and marinating it in the dressing is a lot more flavorful (I did this with the leftovers). I'd also probably cut the cucumber into matchsticks to make it a bit easier to eat, and maybe add some carrot matchsticks for good measure. But this was nice. sells soba noodles--I don't think I've ever seen them at my regular grocery store, though they do have them at Asian markets near me (obviously)--and I'd never tried cooking them myself before, so I thought now, in this weird can't-get-what-I-truly-want phase of things, I'd explore a bit.

Do you have a favorite soba noodle salad?


  1. I love all sorts of soba noodle salads. Tahini or peanut sauces are especially great.


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