Sequestration Meal #142

One of my never-cooked-that-but-can-get-it-now-so-why-not purchases was a bag of red lentils, with which I made the Spiced Red Lentil dip from the All New Complete Cooking Light Cookbook (2006). Am I the only person who didn't know red lentils cook up yellow? But it doesn't matter; there is tomato paste in the dip, which turns it this nice shade of orangey-red.

I had it with pita chips, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, and some grape tomatoes. The dip is good! I would probably add a bit of olive oil and some nutritional yeast if I made it again, because I would want some more richness, but I can't fault Cooking Light for, well, cooking light. What was nice about it was how bright the flavor was, with fresh lemon juice and a handful of spices, including caraway seeds, which have been neglected in my spice cabinet.


  1. I am a big fan of red lentils, though they definitely loose their colour when cooked! They are really good in pasta sauces, especially given that they cook so fast.

    1. I'm skeptical of the texture of lentils in pasta sauce, but I am looking forward to having them in things other than dip.


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