Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Laptop Lunches #125

I'm back! And so glad not to be eating canned goods!

Today I have squares of lacy swiss cheese with something called "wine biscuits" (more on that below); chunks of pummelo; orange bell pepper strips, cucumber slices, and mixed cherry tomatoes with yogurt ranch dressing; squares of quinoa-crisp dark chocolate, and Emerald's tropical flavored trail mix.

I subscribed to something unusual, a new startup company, Goodies. They are not compensating me, so I can say whatever I want! Basically, it's the same principle as the Foodie Penpal program, but you don't have to send anything to anyone and the boxes come automatically once a month, with a variety of trial-sized things. November's box included these American Vintage Wine Biscuits in white wine, shallot & cayenne flavor. They suggested they should be eaten with cheese. What with the cayenne, I thought they might be on the spicy side, but there was just a hint of a kick. I really liked them. They were very unusual--kind of the texture of shortbread cookies, but savory. They went well with the swiss. I'd definitely try their other flavors.

I saw the pummelo at the grocery store yesterday, and it seemed like a good thing to try. It was huge, like a cantaloupe, and had the appearance of an enormous, green grapefruit. You can't eat the (very thick!) rinds or pith, but the segments themselves are amazing--like the most naturally sweet grapefruit you've ever had. I loved it. It was a bear to cut up, but having had experience I might try it another way next time. Definitely give them a try if you run across them.

The dark chocolate quinoa bar, by Alter Eco, also came with the Goodies box this month. It is vaguely reminiscent of a Nestle Crunch bar, with better chocolate and quinoa crisps instead of rice. I liked it, but not so much that I'm likely to try to find it again.

The trail mix is also nice, but I can only take such things in very small doses. Not liking raisins, most trail mixes are off limits to me, but this one has no raisins, just nuts, coconut, and dried tropical fruit, alongside granola chunks. I picked it up for my long train ride back here after Thanksgiving, but there was no way I was finishing it. My favorite part is the glazed walnuts. I'll be trying to figure out if I can find something like that just on it's own!

This lunch also gave me the chance to use some of my new silicone cups. These mini ovals are a really convenient size.

If you're still with me, I thank you for your patience--I know that was a long hiatus, but we really got hammered for a while. I very much appreciated Thanksgiving dinner this year--so great to have fresh food. I noticed today that my focus was much better on this than what I have had to eat for a while. Lesson learned here, definitely. Even the dissertating must make time for proper nutrition.

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  1. I got all excited about the Goodies idea. I even immediately thought of subscribing a friend as her Christmas present. But then I saw it's a Walmart company. Ah well.