Monday, May 21, 2018

Thermos 3-Tier Bento #10

Applesauce, off-brand Ritz crackers, cashew dill dip, and a veganized Italian-style pasta salad.

I was on vacation, and then I had eye problems (unrelated to the vacation), so there was a long hiatus; I ate this lunch before I left. However, I recall that I put a new-to-me vegan cheese in this pasta salad and it was really, really good: MozzaRisella. It had a brownish tinge (because it's made of brown rice, I assume) and it was a bit softer than I remember dairy mozzarella being, but it was definitely something I would want to eat again.

As for my eyes, I have episcleritis. Nobody knows why people get it, and it ultimately won't harm me (although it will cause me pain), in theory, but it did sap my blogging energy for a good long while. Thanks to some steroid eye drops, I'm doing better, though I am still not in my contact lenses again.

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