Lunchopolis #63

A couple of carrot lox mini bagels with an onion and caper non-dairy cream cheese spread I made, cucumber slices tossed with rice vinegar and sesame seeds (white and black, because I was in a fancy mood), coconut banana bites from Simple Toddler Recipes, some of those little Korean cookies I like, and some dried cranberries. I only noticed looking at these photos that some of the cranberries escaped their little silicone cup.

So no, I'm not a toddler, and I have no toddlers around to entertain, but I did have a banana and an interest in fancying it up, so I tried this recipe out. It was a little tricky to figure out how to coat the whole banana (you should coat one half, turn it over into coconut shreds, and then coat the other half, or else you'll just keep getting peanut butter sticking to whatever the banana rests on). They were nice, even if I did feel a tiny bit silly making a "toddler" recipe for myself.

Meanwhile, carrot lox never ceases to be amazing. Make it soon if you haven't--winter is a good time to have the oven on for the long roasting time the carrots need, and you have to let it marinate for a few days so sooner is better than later. If you do try it out, let me know!


  1. OMG YES!! Bagels are my favorite food so bagel bentos sound pretty awesome to me. The banana bites sound so yummy and cucumber salad is a perfect side for this yummy meal.

  2. That 'toddler' food sounds like pretty great grown up food to me!
    I've only had carrot lox once, and I did like it a lot. I need to get around to making some! I just bought a bunch of bagels from the market that are in my freezer, so sounds like the perfect time to experiment.

  3. I freaking love those little korean cookies!! I felt like i was the only one ever buying them... seriously the best sticky texture and exactly sweet enough.
    Love that you made fancy banana slices! So cute. Who cares where the recipe came from??


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