Skater Lunch Box #50

Mock tuna noodle casserole, some Cocomel chocolates, and one of those Korean cookies I love.

I found a recipe online for a vegetarian mock tuna casserole. It wasn't vegan but looked promising for veganizing. I haven't gotten everything right yet, and I think it needs more mushrooms and fewer peas, but the chickpea cake I made to go in place of the tuna was delicious, and I followed the recipe for that exactly. Chickpea flour is an amazing ingredient, but I hardly ever use it. I am making a mental note to use more chickpea flour.

I went looking for this in hopes of getting some comfort food; it was delightfully comforting. The initial, freshly made casserole was more tuna-like in texture than the leftovers, but the whole thing still tasted great. I will be trying this again with some modifications.

The Cocomel chocolates were a new one for me. These were the sea salt caramel version. I love these. I don't know what they reminded me of, but I think I used to have a chocolate like this in my omnivore days that wasn't even as good as these.

You won't see the usual number of posts this week, partly due to holidays coming and work parties coming out my ears (big party with everybody, medium party with everybody in my own library, little party with the people in my division in my library, you get the idea), but also because I've had a remarkable decline in energy, and my symptoms have worsened. I'm looking forward to having a few days off when the library closes for Christmas, but not for celebrating, so much as for the chance to maybe clean the desk in my bedroom. For all of you who also lack the energy others take for granted, you have my sympathies. Cheers to us. We are warriors in a secret war.


  1. I'm so sorry that your symptoms have worsened. I share the same sentiments as you about taking health and energy for granted and I truly hope that you are able to find some time in between festivities to give your body the rest that it needs <3

    The casserole looks amazing and I'm going to have to find those cocomels! They sound delicious!

    Cheers to you, warrior friend.

    1. Thanks! The Cocomels are amazing. I hope you can find them!

  2. That casserole looks great, I have never seen a mock tuna recipe like that before using chickpea flour. I want to try it.

    The 'holiday' period is exhausting enough, let alone having to manage it with something underlying. I am sorry things have gotten worse. I hope you get a chance to rest. <3

    1. The mock tuna was so good! I loved how it turned out and it went super well with the noodles and sauce.

  3. The tuna casserole looks wonderful, but more mushrooms is always a good idea, haha!
    I hope you get some nice, relaxing time to yourself during the holidays <3


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