Skater Lunch Box #48

Some tricolor rotini in a sauce from Vegan Yumminess, homemade vegan hamburger steak from Thrifty Living, and my own recipe for peas and carrots.

When I first made this sauce for macaroni, it was like a revelation, but this time I felt like it was missing something and added a pat of vegan butter to the noodles. It really did help. I guess I'm just in a butter mood lately. I also don't avoid refined oils, as the recipe author does. But this sauce has many applications; this is only one. And now that I have a proper blender, I can make cashew cream sauces that aren't even remotely gritty, so that's nice, too.

I had a similar reaction to the first time I made this hamburger steak--I was in awe of how great and how meaty it was. This time something went wrong, I think because I don't have a proper steamer set up, really. But the leftovers were better than the night before, so that's promising.

This is essentially a vegan version of a popular TV dinner combination.


  1. You are so right! This is the perfect vegan TV dinner! It does look really good, I'm especially drooling over that pasta salad! Yum! One day I will have a proper blender and I'll make all the smooth sauces :)

    1. I didn't buy a Vitamix or anything--I just waited until the Oster Versa high speed blender went on sale, and saved up. It was kind of a big purchase for me ($150) but I think it will pay for itself. I use it more than I thought I would. I hope smooth sauces are in your future!

  2. There is nothing like having a decent blender and the world of smooth cashew sauces it opens up!


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