Laptop Lunches #321

Toast, a little bottle of hot sauce, a silicone cup of margarine wedged into the side, fresh cherries, tofu scramble with parsley and mushrooms, and breakfast sausage hash (this is basically potatoes, peppers, onions, and Field Roast maple breakfast sausages).

All of this was great but it really benefited from that little bottle of hot sauce.

Fresh cherries cost more than I should probably pay for fruit but they come around so rarely I can't always resist them. I'm looking out for the golden cherries, which should be around very soon.


  1. Oooh yum!! What a perfect bento. I love toast with tofu scramble and the hash is a perfect addition. I love breakfast any time of day so this is perfect! I have to agree about cherries. They are so rare that it is worth the higher price tag to enjoy once in a while. They are so damn good.

  2. I love cherry season here. It is so short, and the are so expensive even in season, but I cannot resist! We don't get any fun varieties though, just the regular ones.

    1. For about a week or so--sometimes I miss it because I don't get to the store when it happens--we get golden cherries, also known as Rainier cherries, which are only grown in a very specific area I think is somewhere on the West coast. They're so different than the other cherries--sweeter, somehow, and with a different...something? But they usually cost quite a bit more. I haven't had them in a few years. I've got my fingers crossed.


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