Lunchbots Quad #14

Cucumber slices, dried cranberries, cracker-coated peanuts, and carrot sticks with peanut butter for dipping.

Some days, it's too hot to even think about something resembling cooking. But still I manage! The Lunchbots Quad is one of my favorite lunchboxes in theory, but I hardly ever use it. You really have to pack dry food in it and I rarely have an entire lunch that would be dry enough. It's too bad because it's really a beautiful container--it's just that the dividers don't seal on the bottom and things run together.


  1. I love carrots and peanut butter, it is such a great snack combination. Also intrigued by those cracker coated peanuts!

    1. There are a lot of different brands but this one is Planter's, I think. They come in lots of flavors, some vegan, some not. This one was cinnamon favor and non-dairy, but there are cheesy kinds, which have dairy in them, so always check your labels if they make it to you.


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