Sequestration Meal #1

Fancy Frito chili pie (I guess you have to trust me on the Fritos, which are covered up here): Fritos topped with canned vegetarian chili, Daiya cheddar, avocado, grape tomatoes, non-dairy sour cream, and scallions.

The grocery store was utter madness. It was a weird way to spend my last moments in the world for...who knows how long. I have decided to pay for curbside pickup next time, if I have to venture out again before the end of the period of sequestration (though that would probably mean being sequestered for more than three weeks), and I am hoping grocery stores will stay in operation. I made a barter with a neighbor, too: I gave her two boxes of Kleenex for four rolls of toilet paper, because the store had none. The shopping was rapid and focused on only that which it was possible to get as quickly as possible, but I also knew I needed, even though I was going to be home, some sort of no-brainer comfort food that wasn't just a TV dinner.

Frito chili pie benefits from olives and chopped red onions as well; I have both but wasn't going for the all-the-stops version right now. I had to get a different brand of non-dairy sour cream than my usual. This one is okay but really pretty disappointing if you stack it up against my usual Tofutti.

It's weird. I felt such intense relief at being approved to work from home, after a week of stressful watching and waiting, that I'm feeling pretty good right now in spite of the alarming news of things outside. After this recovering-from-the-stress day, I made plans for somewhat more elaborate food tomorrow.

Stay well, everyone. Let me know how you are. No hugging, okay?


  1. Yum, that looks delicious; comfort food is so important right now! I'm glad you're doing well after all that stress!

  2. Grocery stopping is so weird! We used to get a big delivery each week, and just go out for fresh foods. But now the supermarkets have stopped deliveries except to vulnerable or people in quarantine. So I have been braving the crowds.

    1. I'm finding that the things I would most need--like toilet paper--are never available via delivery or in-store pickup now, even if they are in stock. You are required to go to the store to get them. (This may be because they are "in stock" but in someone's shopping cart.) So now I'm taking the time to strategize for my next trip into the world. A friend reminded me not to wait until people get paid on April 1 because then everybody will be out buying things, so I won't wait too long. I'll just have to take a shower as soon as I get home.

    2. And by in-store pickup I mean you place the order online and someone pulls it off the shelves for you, as opposed to regular shopping.


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