Sequestration Meal #7

Something about being holed up not absolutely certain civilization will be in tact long enough for there to be a future with toilet paper has me drawing on skills from a less prosperous time in my life. So here we have garlic toast with a raid-the-fridge soup.

This particular soup uses the quinoa and brown rice blend you saw yesterday, about half a can of tomatoes I put in my food processor to break them up more (I don't remember what I originally made with the other half of the can), about 1/4 of an onion I had in my fridge that I sauteed in some olive oil, broth made from bouillon paste, frozen spinach, and frozen Gardein meatballs. I topped the whole thing with a bit of Violife Parmesan. It worked. It was food. It used up a lot of leftovers. And I lived to fight another day.

Also: I have had boring food I did not show you, both because it didn't turn out according to plan (alas, strawberry chocolate loaves) and because of things like you just not needing to see my vegan ham salad sandwich again (especially when it is just the salad on bread). So for now, I'm leaving my posting schedule as is. Sometimes you'll see meals eaten far apart; sometimes only hours. But I'll keep feeding myself as well as I can. I hope you're eating well, too.


  1. This soup looks so comforting, and that's great that you were able to use up a lot of leftovers!


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