Sequestration Meal #6

Asparagus with vegan Hollandaise sauce (recipe at Vegetarian Times), a quinoa and brown rice mix I had on hand, and a Wegmans Don't Be Chicken patty.

I cut the recipe for the Hollandaise sauce way down and found it was slightly too small of an amount to blend properly. Oh, well. I wasn't really expecting it to be much like Hollandaise, and it wasn't. But it was rich and yellow and went well with asparagus. So here we are.

I didn't recently get fresh asparagus; this was a meal I ate on St. Patrick's Day. But you could easily substitute some frozen veggies for the asparagus if that's the boat you're in.


  1. Your meals are all so beautifully plated! Looks like a restaurant.

    1. Thanks! I actually have a post coming up in a while about plating, and why it matters to me.


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