Skater Lunch Box #77

Some ham and noodle casserole I made with the last of my Tofurky ham roast and my beloved macaroni dumplings and a silicone cup of blueberries and diced strawberries.

This was a casserole I made a few times as an omnivore and it veganized pretty nicely! This time I put in things I didn't normally put in, like mushrooms, but I wouldn't have to do that (the mushrooms just really needed to be eaten). Alas, I am now out of ham, and have my fingers crossed that I'll find it again someday.


  1. I hope you find the ham again too! I have been known to hold on to food for so long because 'what if I can't find it again', especially food I bought back from the US, but have recently come to realise that using it and eating it and enjoying it is good. And hopefully I will find some more one day.

    1. I definitely have done that. At this point I have one serving of Beyond Chicken in my freezer, and honestly I have so many options that I don't really need it at this point, but somehow knowing that when I eat it I will NEVER HAVE IT AGAIN is probably going to keep me hoarding it until it goes bad. Fortunately, if I get a craving for Tofurky ham that is too much to handle, I can eventually order it, albeit expensively, by mail.

  2. The casserole sounds great, and the bright, fresh fruit makes me so happy thinking of spring!


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