Sequestration Meal #10

Quiche is not that hard. But I don't often make it. Well, now is the time, I suppose! I found this recipe at Vegan Heaven and cut it in half, getting three larger tart shell-sized quiches like you see here and one smaller one. It was fine. It could have used something cheesy, and I almost put nutritional yeast in it but stopped myself. I probably should not have stopped myself. Oh, well!

To go along with the quiche, one would typically suggest a nice green salad, but such things are luxuries beyond the grasp of the self-isolated, so instead I had some potatoes with sauteed onions and green pepper and some mushrooms.

It was quite a pretty meal, though I definitely would have something cheesy if I made it again.

All the flour has been gone from our supermarkets for a while, from what I hear. I had a full bag before this started but I am beginning to eye what's left with some concern. Are you having any trouble finding what you need?


  1. It took my three shops before I was able to find some more flour. I have what I need for most things, thankfully, but it took a while to put it together. All of which meant more trips and more exposure. Ugh.

    A motto I live by is always add nooch.

    I am very impressed with your quiche skills, very pretty!

    1. I'm running low on nutritional yeast but that's not the sort of thing people are hoarding so I need to be rational about it! Sorry you had such a hard time buying the things you need. I'm hoping people either calm down and hunker down with what they've got or enough limits are imposed that people can't buy out the stock again.

  2. Your quiche looks so lovely! I hope you will be able to find flour when you need it!


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