Sequestration Meal #2

I'll say one thing for sequestration: I have the time to scour the internet for fun combinations of things I need to use up. This salad is an example of just such a scenario. I took the recipe at Well Plated for Avocado Grapefruit Couscous Salad, scaled it down, made a few substitutions (including Violife Feta!) and viola! Lunch at home that is worth writing to people not-at-home-with-me about.

This is pretty good. I'm not sure I would make something like this again, but if I am ever stranded with avocado, couscous, grapefruit, canned beans, and Violife feta again, I might!

Worth noting, too, that I had dessert with this lunch, in the form of chocolate covered strawberries, one with a bit of coconut.

And thus, I dined alone, with dignity. I won't be having fresh strawberries and avocados for long, but I'm enjoying them while I can.


  1. I love when you find a recipe that uses up all your bits and pieces, it is so satisfying. And what a fancy looking dessert!

    1. I think I prefer the chocolate covered strawberries without the coconut, but the coconut definitely made things look fancier!

  2. That salad definitely sounds like a unique combination of ingredients! And yum, chocolate covered strawberries!


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