Sequestration Meal #134

I tried out the New York Times recipe for French lentils with garlic and thyme alongside some basic rice pilaf and a simple (and tiny) butter lettuce salad with a homemade "honey" vinaigrette.

I've not necessarily had the easiest time of it lately. These posts are usually scheduled farther in advance than this, but you'll be seeing this almost as soon as I write it. This is partly due to a flare up that meant I had a lot of trouble with my eyes (which made it hard to blog) and partly due to just feeling icky on the inside. When I made these lentils, it was somewhat because it was a make-ahead recipe and I could use the energy I had to cook even when I had no appetite. I hoped to want them when they were finished and hot and smelling great, but on the night I cooked the lentils, I actually just had three slices of pineapple for dinner. But hey. The leftovers were still good. And pineapple is also good.

This is a really good recipe--simple, but flavorful. It goes well with rice pilaf. I wished I had made a bigger salad, but I really only made salad because I was trying to force myself to eat something green (aside from the parsley on the rice). But I turned out to love the salad. Live and learn.

Anyway. Whatever your struggles, I hope some light gets in sometimes for you, too.


  1. It's a weird time in general. After my surgery, I also struggled with my appetite a lot and that is still kind of the case. Especially around lunchtime when the effort of deciding what to eat and then making it and then eating it just seems hard, so maybe it is just easier to skip it. Peanut butter toast is my rescue food. It is good to use energy where you have it to have things ready for the future.

    1. It's like, once I've decided what to buy and how to get it sent to me, I've expended all my interest! I hope you're healing well after your surgery.

      Peanut butter toast would probably work out better than my go-to, which is almost always a mug cake with peanut butter melted in the middle of it and a glass of soy milk--but it's enough calories to be a meal and has high quality proteins in it, so as long as I don't subsist on mug cakes for days I accept this about myself.


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