Saturday, December 31, 2011

Laptop Lunches #49

I roasted a whole duck last night for the first time. I found a lot of helpful tips from this website. Duck is tricky, because of all the fat, but if you give it an opportunity to escape, it's a lovely, strong fowl--not at all greasy. I wish I could say all that was the reason, but the truth is I roasted a whole duck last night because I found one on sale for super cheap. I guess they expected more people to eat duck for the holidays than did.

So here I have a duck leg and some duck breast slices on a bed of garlic couscous, a cup of orange sauce (which came with said duck), some gingerbread graham crackers (I guess I'm really a sucker for post holiday food when stores want to be rid of it!), the rest of the cucumber salad, and some Empire apple slices.

And now I have the carcass of a five pound duck waiting for me to come up with all sorts of things. I am going to attempt some semblance of mock pate with the liver and stock with the rest of the giblets and bones. I have my sights set on some Vietnamese duck soup, though of course that's not packable, so you may or may not get to see what I do with it.

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