Laptop Lunches #177

Sliced tomatoes, mango chunks, leftover sweet potato gnocchi with a little parmesan, and kiwi berries.

This is the first time I've eaten kiwi berries. The flavor is approximately just teeny, tiny kiwis. They even look like kiwis inside if you slice them in half. You eat them whole. They're really fun! Supposedly they are also some sort of nutritional powerhouse. Win-win.

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Leftovers on Fridays


  1. Kiwi berries sounds awesome!
    And thanks for your comment on my blog - if you want to try strawberry cream you are welcome to email my your address and I can send you a packet of the powdered version - you just mix it with cold water! My email is

    1. You're so sweet! I'd love to try it--and work out an exchange (any American things you'd like?). I'll email you.


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