Pack-a-Snack #10

I didn't clean my cutting board before I took this photo because I was in a hurry; my apologies. But there's not any particular reason to be horrified by a few stray scallion slices, is there?
(I'm defending my dissertation on Tuesday, and therefore my brain no longer holds useful information like, "it is a good idea to clean the cutting board before taking a picture," because it is forced to hold too many other things.)


This is just a simple shrimp cocktail with yesterday's remoulade (recipe in the post), with a little extra sliced scallion for garnish, in my leftover pasta sauce container, with the metal condiment container (with lid, not shown). I don't like the red cocktail sauce at all, so I use other kinds when I do eat shrimp cocktail, which is almost never. But as portable food goes, shrimp cocktail is a pretty good choice.

I'm still pretty sure I'll never get through all this shrimp before it goes bad, though.


  1. Good luck on your dissertation tomorrow!


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