Lunchopolis #7

Some leftover takeout salad from the Cheesecake Factory (dressing in the Tupperware smidget with lid), mini damame crackers, pork shu mai with a homemade dipping sauce (in the other smidget), and mini almond milk chocolate squares.

All I can say is that I'm getting through! My brain is still mush and proper grocery shopping is a way off, but as long as I manage to get something together to actually eat mid day, for now that is a victory, even if it does mean weird combos. (The salad had goat cheese in it. I do not think goat cheese and soy sauce should ever sit right next to each other like that. However, you can always eat in courses. It works out.)

An aside: We're not going to talk about the clementines, or how many I had to give up on. Food packaging is super annoying.


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