Laptop Lunches #189

Baby carrots and cucumber slices with ricotta dip, cherry tomatoes tossed with chunks of fresh mozzarella, apple slices, and banana chips and chocolate-caramel-hazelnut spread.

The ricotta dip is in one of the Tupperware Smidgets I bought from Amazon recently. I do not buy Tupperware from Tupperware Reps, but Amazon seems safe enough. They work super well! The lids are a little challenging to get on and off, but otherwise I can't complain about it.

Although I had nothing to dress the tomatoes and mozzarella with whatsoever, it still worked out well. (This is a lesson from the world of scrounging--my mind wasn't on my shopping because of my dissertation and I bought weird things.)

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  1. Yum, this looks delicious as always - every time I see your lunches I think I really should start making healthy lunches for myself too!
    Thank you for linking up at #FunFoodFriday!

    1. Thanks, Grace! I definitely think everybody deserves a good lunch--even if one has to make one's own!


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