Laptop Lunches #178

A leftover spinach lasagna roll cut in half and nestled in with cherry tomatoes, kiwi berries, cucumber slices and snow peas with yogurt ranch for dipping, a salted pumpkin caramel truffle, two yogurt-covered star cookies, and baby carrots.

For the lasagna, I halved this recipe. According to them, that should have meant I had three servings (2 rolls per serving). To me, one roll is plenty, especially if you eat it with anything else. But it was good enough, and lasagna rolls are easier to pack, in my opinion, than cut lasagna.


  1. I've never seen kiwiberries before, do they taste like kiwi?

    1. They taste almost exactly like kiwi, and if you cut them open, they look like kiwi on the inside, too.


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