ECO Lunchbox Three-in-One #75

An improvisational carrot and cucumber salad, some vegan banana walnut bread I made, a fruit dip I made from leftover cinnamon frosting and vegan cream cheese with some walnuts on top, a little cup of margarine for my banana bread, and apple slices.

I'm so glad it's apple season! I love apples when they're fresh and crisp (and on sale--who are we kidding here).

This salad was pretty good for a "use what you've got" side. It's essentially the dressing I would use for Waldorf salad (a basic mayonnaise dressing with lemon juice and salt and pepper) with shredded carrot and quick-pickled cucumbers.


  1. I am so happy it is apple season too! Apples are so great any time and that dipping sauce sounds incredible!! And hooray for banana bread!

  2. The carrot and cucumber salad looks fun, and the fruit dip sounds quite delicious!


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