Thermos 3-Tier Bento #21

The "Melodious Melange" from Trader Joe's (it's essentially a mix of green chickpeas, a few different colors of lentils, and some tomatoes), a sliced orange, and some mushroom and herb couscous (from a package I found on sale for half price).

I think the Melodious Melange is supposed to be put into something--maybe a soup?--because it's largely just chickpeas, lentils, and tomatoes and isn't really seasoned. I added seasoning salt and mixed it in with the couscous and it turned out fine. I'm not entirely sure I'd buy it again if I saw it, but I'm glad I tried it--and I'm glad I had it for pulling together a really quick meal on a day I was decidedly not in the mood for cooking.

That's it for this week's posts--I had a long weekend to get a CT done and some other doctor's appointments out of the way. I'm a bit down after that, because the neurologist I was seeing has pretty abysmal bedside manner and I decided I need to switch, but the people who did the CT were great. They sent me the radiology report but I haven't read it yet. They also gave me a disk with the scans on it so I guess I could look at my insides but I wouldn't know what I was seeing anyway. Maybe I'm just not ready to learn whether I have a tumor on my thymus (that's very common with myasthenia gravis). So I eat lentils and couscous, put my head in the sand a little, and hope for the best.


  1. *Hugs* to you. I'm sorry your medical journey has been rough and that your neurologist has a poor bedside manner. That is so important and when you have a chronic illness it definitely makes a difference. I can't imagine how draining this all must be for you and I'm definitely hoping for the best results possible for you.

  2. How have I not heard of green chickpeas until now? I'm glad the mix worked out well for a quick meal! Sending hugs and thinking good thoughts for you! <3

    1. The "Melodious Melange" is the only place I've ever seen them! They taste pretty much like brown chickpeas, but some things would be prettier green. So I'll be looking out for them.


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