Lunchopolis #60

A mushroom pate, dijon mustard, and cornichon sandwich; the Japanese potato salad you saw Friday; apple slices; the very last bit of a cake I made (chocolate with cinnamon frosting--so good); and pineapple chunks (I swear, pineapple is forever).

I bought a different kind of cornichon this time, with caramelized onions in the jar. They're much sweeter and I usually don't like sweet pickles much but they were really good in this sandwich. I love, love, love this combination every time. It's not the prettiest of things, but not everything has to be beautiful. Comfort food is rarely beautiful.


  1. I think this looks so pretty! I love the way you arranged the apples too. It definitely looks like a delicious comforting meal and that cake sounds delicious!!! I would love the recipe!

    1. I should give the recipe for my go-to chocolate cake sometime! I just meant the sandwich isn't an especially pretty one, but I do like to arrange my apple slices when I have a minute. And I suppose a lot of sandwiches aren't exactly pretty but they taste good anyway.


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