Lunchopolis #61

Mini bean burritos, Mexican rice, tortilla chips, some sour cream with a cilantro garnish, and homemade salsa.

The bean burritos were filled with canned refried beans (Goya Rancheros--still very excited those are labeled explicitly as vegan now!), Daiya cheddar, a bit of TVP taco meat from the freezer, and some salsa and sour cream. I grilled them briefly in a nonstick skillet so they'd hold together better. I made three tiny burritos because of the size flour tortillas I had, but I prefer that anyway--They're more manageable and easier to pack when they're small.

I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving! It's a hard holiday for vegans but I have some friends who've decided to try a vegetarian meal, which should be mostly vegan, so I'm pretty excited about that.


  1. Oh man this meal looks so delicious and a perfect combination of food and condiments. The mini burritos are so cute and sound delicious!

    That is so nice that your friends put together a veg Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. Mini burritos! Genius...! My most favorite refried beans are Rosarita brand vegetarian refried beans (they’re actually vegan), I literally always have a can in the pantry.
    I just found a black bean soup from Goya in a can that’s vegan! Haven’t tried it yet but sounds promising

  3. Looks like such a fun lunch, especially with the mini bean burritos! And yay for friends being cool about Thanksgiving!


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