Laptop Lunches #304

Yet another attempt at veganizing my once-beloved chicken enchiladas (I am getting much closer!), some refried beans, Mexican rice (from Cook wtih Manali), and an avocado-salsa salad thing I made.

It is getting colder here--in fact, we just had a snowstorm!--so I can start in on all my oven recipes again. I have started taking a closer look at Morningstar Farms stuff because they're now labeling a lot of it as vegan, and I found their veggie pulled pork and thought it might be possible to put it into enchiladas and not be too pork-like. (I used to use shredded chicken in the enchiladas, and I haven't yet found a good substitute for shredded chicken.) It was rather pork-like--which bodes well for other recipes, if not necessarily what I was going for--but it had the right texture and I really liked the final product. It is decidedly not like what I was trying to do, but it was good.

The refried beans are Goya's Rancheros beans. I wrote to them several months ago asking if the "natural flavors" were plants or not, because they were my favorite canned refried beans, but I was wary of mystery "flavors" because I am vegan. I never got a response, but I noticed that the cans are now labeled vegan! And so are a lot of their other refried beans, incidentally. I don't know if I had anything to do with it (and wish they'd sent a coupon or something) but I'm so excited to have this as an easy option for the future.

If I'm making a Tex-Mex meal, I'm not going to do without rice, and this is a great recipe! It's really versatile. I added some green bell pepper to it when I was adding the jalapeno, and I also halved the recipe because as much as I love Tex-Mex (you're going to see a lot of it as I work my way through what I cooked), I'm not able to get through quite that much. It isn't the way I used to make it, which once upon a time involved bacon, but I'm not ready to veganize that recipe until I can get my enchiladas right. One thing at a time.

I was distraught that the bag of avocados I bought mostly had to be rejects. They would go moldy before they ever ripened, but I managed to get about half of one to cooperate.


  1. Oooh this meal looks delicious! I can't wait for the perfected recipe! Finding the perfect substitute can be difficult but I'm sure you will find it!

    I have been having the worst luck with avocados too! I get so many duds, that's why I was so happy to finally have avocado toast again!

  2. Looks delicious; I'm sure it won't be long before you've perfected the veganized chicken enchiladas! And that's great that the refried beans are now labeled vegan!

  3. I’m thinking you might like the texture of shredded jackfruit better for the enchiladas , faux chicken won’t really shred.
    Bad avocados are the worst! Disappointing and also expensive enough it makes me mad


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