Pack-a-Snack #100

It's been a while since I shared a snack with you! This is one of my favorites, though it's a tiny bit odd: multigrain crackers, some Daiya Swiss cut into cracker-sized pieces, and a little cup of margarine (the blue thing you see sticking out is a spreader).

I love buttering my crackers. It elevates crackers and cheese to a whole new (and of course more fattening) level. Sometimes, the chronically ill just need a hefty calorie boost.

I packed this snack for a day I had a blood test, which has been a really significant challenge for me lately--my body reacts to minor blood loss as if I am surely going to die. This series of tests required five large vials of blood, so although we weren't in passing out territory, we were definitely in going to be unpleasant for a few days territory. So I wanted some added fortification, in addition to trying to drink water like I was about to go on a trek through the desert. I needed some extra calories and some comfort food. Honestly, the only thing missing was some V8 over ice with a splash of lemon juice. I'll have to remember that for next time I visit the vampire--er, phlebotomist.


  1. Oooh what a delicious snack! I love the little butter cup! I'm sorry that the blood work is so hard on your body but I'm glad that you thought ahead and were able to fortify yourself. Comfort food is definitely a good thing after giving up some blood. I hope that you are feeling well <3

  2. That is a lot of blood, you are brave! You definitely deserve something comforting after that.


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