Restaurant Review: Mo C Mo C Japanese Cuisine

I hadn't planned to eat out, but a couple of friends and I were tired and hungry after attending an event in Princeton, so we stopped by Mo C Mo C Japanese Cuisine. They're omnivores, so we needed a place we could all eat our fill (plus there wasn't anywhere around that was vegan or vegetarian, which seems weird for a college town).

Because I felt I'd had a day light on protein, I started with agedashi tofu. I asked them to leave the bonito flakes off (bonito flakes are dried tuna). It was really good--just crispy enough, and the dipping sauce was perfect.

After my starter, I had two sushi rolls: sweet potato tempura and the vegetable roll with avocado, cucumber, and carrot. The sweet potato tempura roll was good but I've had better (and the better I have had was so good as to put all future sweet potato tempura sushi to shame, unfortunately). The veggie roll was better.

General thoughts: I would definitely eat here again. I want to try the Japanese squash roll and pickled radish roll. It was clean and the food was appealing. My friends also enjoyed their meals. 4.5/5


  1. This meal looks so good!!! I need to go to a proper sushi place and have some good rolls, I only eat supermarket rolls. The tofu looks great too! Sounds like a great night/day out!

    1. Some supermarket rolls are really good! But there is something so much nicer about rolls made fresh to order. I can make pretty good sushi at home but it's just so much trouble to do it.

  2. Looks like a delicious meal, and that's great that it worked for everyone! Hopefully you'll get to go back there soon to try more of the sushi!


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