A Review of New Things I've Tried #18 (Taza Chocolate Edition)

 Ah, chocolate. Chocolate everywhere, and not just in bar form. Life is good, sometimes! A friend gave me this little assortment of Taza chocolate for Christmas, so this is a special all-Taza review.

1. Taza Spiked Eggnog Dark Chocolate

It's been too long since I had eggnog to say whether this tastes of that, but I can say the rum flavor is strong here! The texture and flavor of this chocolate itself is unusual--a bit crumbly and quite bitter--and it was a fun change of pace.

2. Taza Chocolate Raspberry Crunch

Like the Spiked Eggnog chocolate, this had a crumbly texture, but this also had some bits of quinoa inside. This had a tartness to it from the raspberries I really appreciated.

3. Taza Salted Almond Dark Chocolate

I love pretty much all iterations of salted almonds in dark chocolate, so of course this was good. The difference is that distinctive Taza crumbly texture. These discs are fun to eat because it's easy to break them into little wedges. This was my favorite of the bunch. It's probably the best balance of salty and sweet I've ever had in a chocolate-salted almond bar.

All of these were good to have with hot tea and tea biscuits and/or a bit of fruit.


  1. When I first had their chocolate I was put off by the crumbly texture. But it really grew on me. Now it's one of, if not my most favorite. I also really like the coffee flavor.

  2. Also, I believe their whole line is vegan, which I didn't realize until I had been buying it about 3 years (it's not something I typically need to look for).

  3. I have had one or two of these and it is an odd texture, but they taste good!


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