Sequestration Meal #218


These are the artichoke chickpea vegan crab cakes and remoulade from Vanilla and Bean with pasta salad made from leftover Annie's vegan mac in a cheesy sauce (i.e., that orangey pumpkin sauce--slightly sweet; always delightful as pasta salad).

I don't know about you but I'm a bit frazzled these days. My inner world is filled with little metaphorical hamsters running on little wheels. So much is wrong and in so many ways, it's pretty overwhelming. So food has sometimes seemed a bit hard to manage. But if I can penetrate my thoughts with just one idea, I can usually end up with dinner. This was one of those days.

These little "crab" cakes are similar to others I've made before, but because I didn't have enough panko for the coating, I baked them rather than frying them. I feel like they took on a more "this is a chickpea patty" quality to them than a "faux crab cake" quality when I bake rather than fry them, but it didn't matter. I liked them anyway. I was glad I put in the cayenne; it was a good kick.

I think I prefer rice pilaf with these but I already had the pasta salad and I was already kind of oddly worn out by making the rest of the stuff. This is also not as colorful as it could be because I decided that there were enough vegetables in this already without me having to go to the trouble of making a salad. So yes, one of those days. But it was a day I got through.

Getting through while the world burns is a theme for us all lately, I guess, but I'm hoping if we all hold on a little longer maybe we can put out the fire. At least, I tell myself this pretty frequently.

So here's to survival, because someday it will be more than that. It has to be. In the meantime, sometimes it helps to have some dinner. Take care of yourselves everyone. We Americans get a new president tomorrow. Here's to turning a page.


  1. I look foward to you having a new president! When I wake up tomorrow morning, he will have been sworn in. And I am really hoping it goes smoothly and peacefully.
    Here's to surviving!

    1. I messed up the schedule of this post, but he'll be sworn in half an hour from now and our old president has already vacated. It's a relief even if it's just a placebo!


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