Sequestration Meal #215


This is a homey kind of meal: Green beans, apple cider maple glazed tofu (recipe from Rabbits & Wolves), and herb stuffing.

I didn't have fresh apple cider and I used a packet mix (scandalous!) but this was still good. I think it would be a stronger apple flavor with fresh cider, though, so if I make this again I'd do that. I think this would work with orange juice, too, probably--that sounds like a nice combination. And I do always appreciate a tofu recipe that I can have with a more Western-style meal, as much as I adore Asian food.


  1. What a lovely sounding combination on the tofu. I always get confused by apple cider... because here the only apple cider is sparkling and alcoholic. So I normally just use cloudy apple juice instead. But I am always confused to if it is meant to have any other spices in it, or if apple cider itself is juse like juice.

    1. We call that kind "hard cider." Apple cider is apple juice that has been spiced and it is usually served hot. The spices are typically cinnamon and cloves, but possibly also orange peel and nutmeg.


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