Sequestration Meal #217


On one of the days I could cook but not think, I had some cucumbers, Annie's vegan mac in a creamy (i.e., pumpkin) sauce, and Gardein fishless filets with some homemade tartar sauce. 

I forgot to put the capers in the tartar sauce, but otherwise I think I did well here! In any case I managed to eat something. I was so glad to see those fishless filets in the freezer on a day like that. Life was so much simpler once upon a time, wasn't it?


  1. This looks like a pretty good meal for not being able to thing what to cook. Thank goodness for easy things in the freezer and cupboard! I have been working through a lot of my freezer stuff, because I have thing that have been there for so long, but I know I will then need to restock it all again because I don't want to be without a few decent just heat and eat options!

    1. Yes! I'm the same way. I'm trying not to keep my freezer as totally full as I tried to do in the early days of the pandemic isolation, but I can't really be out of the things that keep me going in hard times.


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