Sequestration Meal #222


I'm going to say I made this so you don't have to. This was the minestrone recipe for using up leftover pasta sauce over at Tasty. I regret that I didn't follow instincts that had me questioning the seasonings, the amount of macaroni, the amount of liquid, and the cooking time. But the good news is that after I made this mostly-macaroni soup--the soup part of which was all almost instantly absorbed by the macaroni--I can look forward to doctoring up these leftovers in a variety of ways. I hope watching me to do that will be entertaining!

The excellent cornbread muffin (recipe from Minimalist Baker) redeemed this meal, at least for today.

While I contemplate what to do with this, let me know what you do to your sad soup that turns out nothing like you'd planned.


  1. Thank you for your contribution to science. I'm sorry it didn't work out well, but you have saved other people from the same fate.

    If I have something that doesn't work out, I normally just mix a hilarious amount of nutirtional yeast through the leftovers, and maybe some ketchup, and that kind of makes everything at least better!

    It sounds like your leftovers are more pasta that soup, could you mix through some cream cheese and cheese and turn it into a pasta bake? Or your trusty add mayo and stuff to make a pasta salad?

    1. Stay tuned to find out what happens to the minestrone of doom!

  2. Tvp and the right seasonings, turn it into a chili Mac. Susan is right, a cheesy product is needed. Casserole or chili are the best options.


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