Sequestration Meal #207


This meal made me think of suburban housewives, living a very different life than I do. It has a Tofurky ham and broccoli casserole I made by veganizing an omnivore recipe at the Cozy Cook. It's essentially a broccoli-rice casserole with ham. I substituted many things, and then forgot to put a lot of things in. I used a cashew cream sauce I had leftover from something else instead of the cream of chicken soup. It turned out so wonderful and I don't know why it never occurs to me, without seeing it in a recipe, to make a crumbled cracker topping. Crumbled cracker toppings are so good.

It has broccoli in it but I wanted more veggies, so I sautéed some zucchini and tomatoes and steamed some carrots. I think that was what made it feel so much like something a suburban housewife would have fed her family--a casserole and two veggies--and it has a certain poignancy to eat such a meal alone. But we can take care of ourselves, too, not just other people. Here's to the homey solo meal (though at our house, my father would never have tolerated a rice casserole, and thus, it's homey in a non-specific way for me).

Eternity may be defined as a friend once said to me, two people and a ham, but I'm really enjoying getting to put Tofurky ham in things, so I don't mind having to eat so much of it in a row. I hope you're not getting tired of seeing it!


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