Sequestration Meal #208


Although I didn't really care for scallops when I was an omnivore, I have long been intrigued by the king oyster mushroom versions of them, so I was eager to try this recipe from the Simple Veganista for one-pot creamy fettucine with peas and king oyster mushroom scallops. Though I think there are other ways I enjoy oyster mushrooms more, this was a fun thing to try (and they do look convincing). Nobody is going to be fooled, I think. The texture is close to what I remember about scallops, but the flavor screams "Mushrooms!" at me. Good thing I love mushrooms!

Also, I think I'd previously mentioned difficulty getting baby peas, but a friend was kind enough to bring me some from Wegmans. I grew up hating peas and now I'm okay with them in some settings, but having them be baby peas is a help. It's good to be able to eat peas (in my non-medical-doctor opinion, which is only as good as anyone's so please see your doctor for information on your own health), since they have protein and fiber and add a nice pop of green to things. Nearly all meals look better with some green in them.


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