Sequestration Meal #303


It got cold and rainy for a bit, so it was an opportunity to make a casserole! This was also a good idea because we're only legally entitled to have heat through the end of April here, and the oven was calling to me. It wasn't cold like the winter is cold--I'd call a day like this in winter warm!--but it was rather chilly for so late in the spring.

And so I made tater tot casserole! This is midwestern food--mostly Minnesota, I think?--also known as "hotdish." If you know shepherd's pie, imagine that, but with a layer of cheese and tater tots instead of mashed potatoes on top. I did not grow up with food like this, but it's pretty straightforward to veganize. At its heart, this is just veggies and TVP in a creamy mushroom sauce topped with Daiya cheddar shreds and frozen tater tots and then baked until everything is hot. I used my single-person hack of cooking my casserole in a loaf pan, so I just had enough for one fresh serving and two meals of leftovers.

I'm getting closer to giving you a proper recipe. There are a few other elements that would make the flavors more compelling, I think. But I did still enjoy this, nonetheless!


  1. This looks SO GOOD!!!!!
    What do you mean you are only allowed to have heat until April? Does the landlord control the heat?

    1. I should specify: I get heat provided by the landlord until April; this is what is specified by law. I also have window air conditioning units that function as heaters, but are expensive to run that way (and also oddly smelly!) so I try not to use them. But in an emergency--like a fluke May blizzard--I would be fine.

    2. I am glad you can keep yourself warm if you need to!

    3. Right now I would be happy to trade too-cold for how hot it has been! Egads, the weather is driving me nuts!


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