Sequestration Meal #309


I was in the mood for polenta, so I made some sherry mushrooms to go with it. This was nowhere near my best effort, and required some graham crackers and peanut butter to balance things out afterward. It did taste good, but it got tiresome; this really would have worked better as a side dish. Live and learn--although I feel like this is probably a lesson I already learned?

It doesn't matter--I'm excited about the possible uses of leftover polenta, and those mushrooms desperately needed cooking. This would probably be a good meal if you were feeling ill, since it has the soothing mushy quality to it and the flavors aren't too strong. Also, I have learned that polenta doesn't actually require absolutely constant stirring, which is nice. I did my best, and next time my best will be better.


  1. This looks really good though. Those shiny dark mushrooms.
    Polenta is such a good comfort food. If you have leftovers that are set up, cutting it into squares to roast for polenta croutons is delicious!


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