Sequestration Meal #304


I had forgotten that I don't particularly care for Trader Joe's veggie fried rice in the freezer section. Their Japanese fried rice? Inspired! Delicious! Love it! The veggie fried rice? Bleh.

Recently I had a meal you were not shown of that fried rice and some of my own vegan egg rolls I'd frozen. (It was the last of that batch, alas; they reheated beautifully in my toaster oven for about 15 minutes and I was glad I made enough to freeze!) After that I had some of that sad fried rice, so I decided to make some of it into this fried rice soup for a light meal.

It was a very easy soup and I'd recommend it as either a starter or on a day you have little appetite (it's very light--I calculated it at less than 200 calories per serving of this size--so I made a mug cake afterward). I cooked some ginger and garlic in sesame oil, added some chicken-style veggie broth (made from Better than Bouillon "no chicken" paste) and a splash of soy sauce, and then put in the leftover fried rice with some soy curls and heated it up until the soy curls were soft and everything was hot. The soup didn't look that great at that point so I garnished it with some scallions and black sesame seeds, which I think made it a lot prettier.

Inspiration is returning to me! So we'll see what I come up with next.


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