What I Ate in a Day #6

Note: If you've subscribed to my blog by email, that feature is being disabled by Blogger/Feed Burner. Only a few of you have been making it to me via email, but just in case you wanted to continue to get email updates, I thought I'd let you know. You have a few options and I'm exploring what others could be available to me, too. I recommend Feedly for managing blog subscriptions. You can also follow Food for Dissertating on Facebook. For now, emails will stop being sent out as of July 1. I have downloaded my subscriber list and when I have figured out the best method for continuing subscriptions I will let you know. Thank you to those of you who've continued to engage with me via email all this time.

Just a plain, ordinary day with re-invented leftovers as I continue to try to clear out my pantry.

I made a spirulina smoothie to go with some avocado and tomato toast on this morning. They didn't really go together so this was more something to have in courses. It was a pretty normal breakfast. I keep forgetting about the spirulina so I'm glad I had a use for it, although the greens of the avocado and the greens of the spirulina kind of clash in color as well as in flavor. Next time I'd try something sweet to go with the sweet smoothie in a color that might complement the green, like some pineapple chunks. But I really wasn't thinking too much about trying to be impressive, even to myself. I was just trying to have something other than cereal that was quick and easy.

I used some of my leftover spicy soy curls to make a wrap for lunch--just soy curls, the creamy herb dressing, and romaine lettuce on a tortilla. I added some lentil crisps to round out the meal. Not pictured, I took a multivitamin and an algae-based DHA supplement after lunch.

For an afternoon snack, I had some chocolate and two tea biscuits sandwiched together with some chocolate hazelnut spread. This was great with some tea.

Since I was out of cooked pasta and wanted to use the rice for something else later, I cooked some rice and had that with what was left of the lentil and walnut Bolognese I had made earlier, and topped it all with some Daiya mozzarella.

I didn't meet all my targets today, but I definitely got closer to them than I often would have if I weren't bothering to have targets. I also managed to eat leftovers with out them being entirely left over. There are little victories everywhere, and often the best thing to do is to seize the little victories when we can.


  1. Oh no! i have followed you for years. I don't do facebook and have no idea what feedly is and my security blocks it. What can i do? i will miss hearing your voice greatly.
    good luck

    1. Well, you can always visit the blog itself to check in on me! I am investigating how to handle email subscriptions now that the service is going away. In the meantime, bookmark foodfordissertating.blogspot.com. I post most days; you'll find me here.

  2. Oh weird about the emails. I just use Feedly to follow all my blog buddies, which works well for me. I am trying to remember what it was before Feedly... Google had something... I remember being upset when they took it away and I had to change to Feedly, but now I have no memory of it and Feedly forever!

    1. Feedly is great, but I don't think it sends emails--I am finding a solution for email subscribers. I wish I hadn't procrastinated on that but it should be a workable system in a few days.


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