Sequestration Meal #314


Pantry clearing has ventured into the more advanced category with this meal. This is cucumber salad from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook, some chopped tomatoes, and millet cakes with carrots and spinach (recipe at Love and Lemons).

It was too warm for having the oven on so I pan fried my millet cakes. I didn't make any kind of sauce for them because I figured I could make a saucy cucumber salad and that would take care of things; happily, it did that just fine. I absolutely loved these millet cakes. They had kind of a lot of steps, so I wouldn't make them when I didn't have time to stay home and putter around my kitchen (as opposed to staying home and working a lot, I guess--life is not so different for me post-vaccination), but it seems to me one could probably make these ahead, too.

Make sure when you make these patties that you don't have cracks in them before you let them rest; those cracks will result in crumbly millet cakes. (Learn from my mistake! Or at least the mistake I made with one millet cake, because most of them were fine.) 

The curry flavor of these, combined with the nuttiness of the millet and the creamy texture, was absolutely delightful. I should thank past me for panic buying millet! If I hadn't, I never would have discovered this combination.


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