Sequestration Meal #306

 I'm trying to address my COVID pantry, so I found a recipe for quick red beans and rice that involved bacon rather than sausage, and used the end of my tempeh bacon in it. It was an omnivore recipe, and I found it needed a bit more help than just the tempeh bacon, so I added a bit of soy sauce and liquid smoke. It was good, but nothing all that special. I think it probably would be better with sausage, but I'll know that next time.

About that COVID pantry, though: Wow, I bought a lot of things. I didn't fully realize that until I was able to go to stores again and find that things were generally in stock. I don't actually need to have a month of shelf-stable food on hand now. It's probably just fine if I don't have every possible variety of canned beans. I have no idea what possessed me to buy millet flour. But here we are. I look forward to trying to get through it all and showing you how I manage.


  1. Do not get me started on the number of weird flours I have in my pantry... and I keep finding them on clearance sale so I keep buying them. Oh well, hobbies are important I guess!

    I am also just really working through my COVID stores lately. We had a whole extra box full of cans and grains and things that I am trying to deplete. Plus really committing to working through those things in the freezer that I have been hanging onto for years. It's kind of freeing to see them used! Though I still struggle with the feeling that I need to immediately buy more.

    1. I know what you mean! Right now I'm genuinely trying not to buy anything other than the basics I need--produce, soy milk, and easy meals for the hard times (which come so often), i.e., cereal, veggie deli meat, bread, and frozen dinners. But did I go to a new store tonight, see super cheap hearts of palm, and come home with a new can of something? Indeed I did. I'm virtually hopeless. But I'll get there. At least: I hope I will!


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