Sequestration Meal #311


Continuing to confront my COVID pantry, I made some General Tso's soy curls (recipe at Vegan Richa) and steamed white rice. I chose this because I had some red and green bell pepper that needed eating along with the soy curls and other things that were hanging around in my kitchen. I may have overdone it with the scallion garnish but can you really overdo it with scallions?

This was really good! It may be slightly too sweet--as is the style of American Chinese food--but that's easily remedied. I liked the complexity of the spicy/sweet/salty flavors. General Tso had nothing to do with the chicken dish that bears his name, of course, and people in China don't eat it. It doesn't really matter to me that it's fusion food, though. This vegan version already bears very little resemblance to the version with chicken in it found on most menus anyway.

I'm still confused about how I managed to acquire so many shelf stable foods. It's like I was on some sort of quest to collect every possible item. I am a bit concerned about facing the slightly more unusual things. Saving money on groceries makes it easier for me to deal with the challenge of getting through it all, though. What's your favorite pantry meal?


  1. I am very curious to know what the slightly more unsual things lurking in your pantry are!
    Some sort of rice and beans would probably be my go to from the pantry meal. Or tofu is I have it in the fridge... which, let's be real, I always have tofu.

    1. You can stay tuned to find out, but it mostly involves unusual flours and seeds. I may be most intimidated by millet!

    2. Oh, I LOVE millet! It is a regular in my pantry. Let me know if you want any recipes or suggestions.

    3. You'll soon see what I've tried in terms of porridge and millet cakes, but if you have other ideas I'm open!


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