Thursday, July 26, 2012

Laptop Lunches #106

Cucumber slices, a cup of ketchup and mustard, a cream puff, corn dog mini muffins (explains the ketchup and mustard) with grape tomatoes, and strawberries.

I'll admit I'm not actually working today. I made this at home to cheer myself up a little and convince myself to eat something. Depression and loss of appetite come with prednisone, and I'm also exhausted after everything yesterday, so today I am home half-heartedly reading secondary literature.

There are a lot of corn dog mini muffins recipes out there, but they're basically corn muffin batter with some kind of cut frank embedded inside. I will, perhaps, eventually develop my own, better recipe for this. For now, if you attempt it, I suggest putting the batter in and then putting in the frank (in this case, I used mini beef franks, cut in half), rather than pouring it over. If you pour it over, it doesn't end up encasing the frank like a corn dog, and the dog itself has a weird yellow haze. They weren't bad, but I really believe I can do better next time. We'll see!

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