Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Laptop Lunches #116

Thai mango salad (Good Food F-A-S-T), a taro Choco Roll sliced in half to fit in the container, a few slices of starfruit, Asian-style turkey dumplings with dipping sauce in the metal condiment container (Muffin Tin Cookbook).

It's been a while--nearly a week! I've been focused on unsnarling the fifth chapter of my dissertation and absent-mindedly eating bologna sandwiches, of which you did not need pictures. (I very rarely buy bologna, but it is a nice treat now and then, as it used to be my favorite thing when I was five. And I do still make my bologna sandwiches with mayo and American cheese on white bread, although now it's real American cheese, not Kraft singles, and it's high-fiber, whole grain white bread, and I use light mayo and add lettuce and tomato so I also get some veggies.)

The mango salad involves carrot, mango, and zucchini matchsticks in a lime juice and jalapeno based dressing, topped with slivers of lime rind. It actually tastes pretty good but if I were to make it again I'd want more jalapeno--or at least to add the seeds.

The dumplings actually make making your own dumplings a relatively simple proposition, but they do look a little weird because they are shaped like mini-muffins.

Not bad overall.

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