Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Jackson Snack Boxes #23

Raid-the-fridge salad (mixed lettuces, avocado, tomato, red onion), Bac'n pieces, a cup of Just Ranch, a Gardein pizza pocket, and strawberries.

This one is altogether vegan. I'm giving brand names so you know what I'm getting, not because they have anything to do with the blog. (Not enough of you read this for that anyway.) But I was super excited to find a vegan pizza anything that wasn't gluten free. I want the gluten! Just not the dairy or meat. These tasted about like cheap frozen pizza did, from what I remember, and really hit the spot.

Just Ranch, from Hampton Creek, is one of the things that makes me happy I live in a vegan-friendly area, because as you can tell (I'm sure) ranch is a favorite flavor for me.

The Bac'n pieces are incidentally vegan. I am sure I have mentioned this before at some point.

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