Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Traveler's Lunch #6

Spinach sauteed with tomatoes and garlic, cucumber slices tossed with rice vinegar and black sesame seeds, Kung Pao cauliflower (Trader Joe's) with peanuts and scallions, rice, pinwheels of scallion pancake and veggie ham held together with tiny picks, and two little bottles of soy sauce (an elephant and a lion).

I like the Trader Joe's Kung Pao cauliflower, but anything Kung Pao should have nuts in it, shouldn't it? Peanuts or cashews? Seems standard to me, but oh, well, they're easy to add.

The veggie ham took some trying to find a good brand. I like Yves, and they also have really good pepperoni and salami.

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