Friday, October 20, 2017

ToGoWare 2-Tier Tiffin #7

This was what I came up with after I'd been sick, but still had no energy for meal planning. I bought the groceries of champions--stuff to make salads and sandwiches, which don't require a list--and then after I started to feel like I was coming to life just a bit more, it was time for some more interesting combos.

So. The salad itself is just lettuce, tomato, onion, and a cut up Boca chick'n patty, with the larger metal cup filled with mini croutons (mandel) and Bac'n pieces, and a small cup of ranch dressing. This is essentially like a fried chicken salad with bacon and ranch, albeit vegan and much, much less fattening. (Not that I really worry too much about fattening things; if you're vegan you go on a quest for fat so you can absorb your vitamins.)

I also made some garlic toast to go with the salad. This was a definite win.

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